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Bed bugs are small reddish parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood – preferably human blood.

Their bites can cause a number of adverse health effects, including rashes, allergic reactions and psychological effects.

Bed bugs are said to have originated from cave dwelling bats. The bugs were eventually transported into urban environments where they evolved into various types, including the two species that commonly bite us.

Bed bug infestations can become heavy in a relatively short amount of time when they go unchecked. It is possible for a newly hatched bedbug to progress from egg to mature adult in 5 weeks. Adult bed bugs can endure long periods without a blood meal (6 to 12 months at 22 degrees), waiting, or lying dormant until a suitable host appears.


The ingredients for successful eradication of bed bugs are achieved through perseverance and regular inspection and treatment of all harbourage and breeding areas.

A1-Pro Termite offers a strong process driven solution to bed bug management encouraging open communication between the customer and our fully qualified pest technicians which benefits a positive outcome of our bed bug control program.